DRY WHITE WINE 2020 alc. 13,5 % vol

Wine from Agricultural University vineyards crafted using autochthonous yeasts. A typical mediteranean Assyrtico characterized by peach, citrus and grape fruit aromas. Equilibrated in mouth, nervous due to acidity with a long ending. Better to drink at 9-12 οC οC, accompanies accompanies fishes, oysters as well as lamb or goat.


DRY WHITE WINE 2020 alc. 13 % vol.

A blend of Malagouzia and Athiri from Agricultural University vineyards. Peach, orange peel, golden smith apple, unripe banana with botanic hints on the nose. A medium-bodied wine with low-acidity and grapefruit flavors, better to enjoy at 8-10 οC. Accompanies Mediterranean dishes.


DRY WHITE WINE 2020 alc. 13 % vol.

A wine crafted by the local variety Savatiano, the main variety of the ancient viticultural region of Attica. A wine characterized by aromatic finesse with hints of kiwi, pear, banana and citrus. Medium acidity and body, thus easy to combine with plenty of foods and dishes, as also alone as an aperitif. Enjoy better at 10-12 οC.


Outdoor – fenced area: In a total area of about one (1) acre, there are more than fifty (50) plant species which are kept for sale. Some of them are:

  • outdoor & indoor ornamentals
  • citrus trees
  • seasonal flowers
  • perennial flowering plants
  • aromatic plants

Plant & potting compost

Three types of gardening & potting soil are sold in the Ornamental Plant Greenhouse. Τheir production is based on the experience of the landscaping Department as well as on laboratory’s analysis:

  1. Compost “GNOSIS” for outdoor & indoor plants, in a package of 20lt and 40lt.
  2. Compost “GNOSIS” for  acidophilic species, in a 20lt package.
  3. Compost “GNOSIS” for Cactus & Succulents, in a 20lt package.