The organic vineyard of Agricultural University of Athens (A.U.A.) is located at Spata Municipality, near Athens, in an area where the traditional viticulture originates from the ancient times. The vineyard covers about 22 ha and includes autochthonous Greek white vine varieties: the traditional varieties of Attica “Savvatiano” and “Roditis”, the Aegean ones, “Assyrtiko” and Athiri” and the Greek mainland variety “Malagouzia”. The xerothermic climate of the area, the mild winds and the soil structure contribute to the production of wines of high quality. The organic management of the vineyard is supervised by AUA agronomists who co-operate also with the University Laboratories involved in vine and wine production.

Grapes are vinified at the winery of Agricultural–Commercial–Real Estate Company Iliou S.A. Organic certification of both cultivation and vinification is checked by the Institution “DIO”. The produced wine is characterized as Protected Geographical Indication ΑΤΤΙΚΙ, resulting in  the bottles’ numeration. This implies that the wine produced at the vineyard of A.U.A. is certified.

Spata Farm sits in a land of 430 acres.

Cultivation Types

  • Wine-sized vines in an area of 245 str.
  • Olive grove in an area of 55 str.

The Vineyard is under inpection of the DIOnet (Inspection and Certification Organization of Organic Products) which certifies the Organic cultivation as well as its wine grapes vinification.

The the vineyard is composed of the following grape varieties :

  • Savvatiano
  • Roditis
  • Assyrtiko
  • Athiri
  • Malagouzia

The land at Spata Farm